Post Production Finishing
At Ivy Prototype we understand very well that the color of your finished product can be as important as its function. We have recently invested in a set of Pantone® plastics opaque selector chips to help clients better visualize the finished product. We also offer extensive color matching services under standardized lighting conditions. To assist with color matching, we have acquired a complete set of Pantone® plastics opaque selector chips for the specification of colors for plastic molded parts.

In the past, molding customers would specify Pantone colors using a system of colored inks printed onto white card. These colors are notoriously difficult to match with molded plastic parts because the effect of 3D plastic on the color is very dependent upon the thickness and translucency of the molding. Now, Pantone has a system of chips that are injection molded in a range of 1,005 colors, with each chip stepped with 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm of thickness. This system is ideal for color matching for any type of plastic molding.

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