Rapid Prototyping
3D Design Drawing Services
Ivy Prototype has introduced 3D scanning services. With 3D scanning, a physical part can be scanned and transformed into 3D digital data in the form of an STL file. Individuals looking to replicate objects can now use 3D printing even if they do not have the ability to design in 3D CAD. The applications for this 3D scanning are endless.

The scanning process works using a sophisticated scanner called a FARO Arm. The FARO radiates light onto the surface of an object and records the part’s geometry as the light is reflected back to the scanner. As the surface of the object is scanned, the data begins to knit a mesh composed of small triangles that takes the shape of the object being scanned. This digital data is then saved as an .STL file (not a native CAD file) and saved on a flash drive. 

Ivy Prototype is a one- stop service from design to production. Our experienced design team will support you to make ideal 3D design drawings and make the prototype test verification and product production release to market. As we are a model making factory we know the applications of processing, technologies, CMF request etc. and how to make your idea into physical model and products.

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