3D Printing is a fashion technology nowadays
( Updated: Nov 5, 2014 )

The media and press will have you believe that 3D printing is a new technology. However, it’s been around for 30 years, invented by 3D System’s Chuck Hull. CRDM have been printing for almost 20 years in High Wycombe, making us recognised experts in this field.

3D printing offers an alternative way of prototyping and low volume manufacturing; the key benefits are making parts quicker than traditional methods of manufacturing, thereby shortening the design cycle as well as possibility reducing costs.
Before we can print parts, we need to have 3D CAD. The main format is an STL file and this is the universal language that 3D printers read. STL files are simply sliced into layers and 3D printing will print each slice of the CAD, layer by layer, to make a complete part or component.

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